1. Lifeshaker

  2. Benjamin Went Fishing
    Frogbelly and Symphony

  3. From The Bed To The Settee (And Back Again)
    Soup Review

  4. Rad Orchestra
    Rad Orchestra

  5. The Loom Goes Click

  6. Chicken Wire
    Ash Gray

  7. Man Bites Dog
    cinema cinema

  8. Bounds
    Overdrive Amp Explosion

  9. Awash
    Joey Molinaro

  10. Free Love & Fighting
    Steel City Rhythm

  11. Can I Dress Like You?
    Frogbelly and Symphony & 9-Volt Haunted House

  12. Current Space
    Lonesome Station

  13. Atlas
    Owls Of The Swamp

  14. Blue Bright Ow Sleep
    Frogbelly and Symphony

  15. Fresh Meat
    The Bone Lab

  16. Ex Nihilo
    Martin Bisi

  17. Lonesome Station
    Lonesome Station

  18. Wreck The Place
    Steve Allen

  19. I Am Happy

  20. the EYE
    Frogbelly and Symphony

  21. The Ecstasy of St. Cecilia
    Liz Hanley

  22. Hamborg, mien Hoben
    Meike Schrader & Wiebke Colmorgen

  23. Das Grün in Deinen Augen
    Meike Schrader

  24. Melodica Compilation #2
    various artists

  25. Split EP
    Overdrive Amp Explosion / Easy Tiger

  26. Go With River
    Owls Of The Swamp

  27. The Piss

  28. Rocket
    Torben Stock

  29. Your Kind
    Kid Decker

  30. Part And Fragment
    Dear John Letter

  31. Melodica Compilation #1
    various artists

  32. Reveries EP
    Kid Decker

  33. Every Seaman's Got A Favourite Spaceship

  34. Blanks
    Overdrive Amp Explosion

  35. Introducing Labelship
    various artists

  36. Le Salon Is Very Morbidä
    Frau Kraushaar

  37. Between Leaves | Forestal
    Dear John Letter

  38. All The Monsters Are Small And Soft And Scared
    Emmy Moll

  39. The Early Bird Catches The Worm, So Clever Worms Get Up Late

  40. Cyclist
    Astrid's Farm

  41. Intervals
    Overdrive Amp Explosion

  42. Only The Lonely (EP)

  43. Sirens Of The Apocalypse
    Martin Bisi

  44. Allee Sorgenlos
    Ich Jetzt Täglich

  45. Goodbye To All That


Labelship Sheffield, UK

Labelship is a Sheffield UK based independent record label with branches in Brooklyn NY and Hamburg, Germany. It is owned and managed by musician and producer Thomas Hanley. Established in 2008 Labelship currently features 31 bands and solo artists. A total of 44 albums, EPs and compilations will be released before the end of 2017. ... more

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